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Our personalised programmes are the perfect spa journeys tailored for relaxation, rejuvenation, to pamper you and help you feel and look your best.

Relax and revive, from head to toe

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1 hour / 1 hour 30 minutes

Eastern Therapeutic

The essence of this massage fuses Eastern and Western practices; focusing on restorative stretching and pressure point therapy. This massage is an ideal synthesis of deep tissue techniques (using forearm and elbow) combined with the rhythmic stretches of Thai massage. Active muscle and joint de-stress movements help to dissolve deep muscles strains and tension.

1 hour 20 minutes

Hot Stone Therapy

This relaxing massage uses heated stones to generate energy and create a sense of balance and calm, as well as giving relief to deep-seated muscle tension.

50 minutes

Mum To Be

This luxurious treatment uses traditional aromatherapy massage to nurture and support in a time of constant change. Using pregnancy-safe oils, the massage eases away tension in the upper back and shoulders, nourishes skin and relaxes the body.

1 hour / 1 hour 30 minutes

Oriental Essence

Using custom-blended oriental oils and movements inspired by traditional oriental therapies, this tension-busting massage treats the whole body. Focuses on the traditional stress-holding areas of the back, neck and shoulders.

1 hour 20 minutes


Performed wearing loose Thai-style clothing, this traditional massage is conducted on a futon. A combination of gentle rocking motions, rhythmic acupressure and assisted stretching serve to deeply relax and revitalise body and mind. Benefits include increased flexibility, relief of joint and muscle tension and balance of the body’s energy system.

Signature Therapies

1 hour / 1 hour 30 minutes

Inner Strength

Using a blend of healing and balancing aromatherapy oils, this nurturing treatment uses massage to ease physical tension and emotional anxiety resulting from a traumatic experience or stressful time in one’s life.

1 hour 20 minutes

Oriental Qi

A simple, effective and authentic spa experience. This relaxing, hands-on body massage ritual works on the energy of the meridians’ using the benefits of essential oils.

1 hour 50 minutes / 2 hours 50 minutes

Time Rituals™

Book a length of time and enjoy the most holistic experience possible, by allowing our therapists to utilise their individual talents to create and customise treatments to your unique individual needs.

Scrubs & Wraps

20 minutes

Oriental Body Scrub

This luxurious and invigorating scrub blends Mandarin Oriental’s signature body oil infused with essences of tropical ginger, frankincense and mandarin with organic, mineral-rich sea salt to leave the skin smooth, replenished and exotically fragrant.

Advanced Skin Care

CO - Facteurs Biologique Recherche + 20 minutes

Extend your 70 min. Treatment with...

For even more visible results, we can enhance the personalized treatment by applying a preformed mask (Biologique Féérie,Collagène Caviar, Eye Mask, Pigmentation Mask, Decollete Mask Treatment) which adapts to the shape of the face to create a specific and intensive treatmen

50 minutes

Lotion MC 110

Replumping, restructuring and renewing treatment for non-reactive, devitalized and / or toneless skin with fine lines and wrinkles. A treatment for reducing wrinkles and lines designed for lacklustre skin visibly effective even after a single session. It leaves the skin on your face, neck and chest toned and redefined.

1 hour 10 minutes

Soin Restructurant Et Lissant

A moisturizing and balancing anti-aging treatment for a vibrant and healthier skin that balances and treats sensitive skin which is marked by time.

1 hour 10 minutes

Soin Taches Pigmentaires / Pigmentation Treatment

An immediate lightening action which prevents and reduces the appearance of existing pigmentary spots and irregularities. The skin looks more brightened and pure.

50 minutes

The Booster Vip O2 Oxygenating Facial

A crackling micro-massage skincare which Re-oxygenates the skin tissue, detoxifies the epidermis by eliminating polluting particles, stimulates the skin and restores skin’s radiance. A wonderful moment of well-being and relaxation features which leaves you glowing with health.

1 hour 10 minutes

The Lift C.V.S.

An immediate lightening action which prevents and reduces the appearance of existing pigmentary spots and irregularities. The skin looks more brightened and pure.

Gentlemen's Essentials

1 hour 50 minutes

Man Space

A Traditional Turkish Hammam “kese”, to exfoliate and deeply cleanse, your skin. Followed by a choice of rejuvenating full body massage to relieve your muscles of tension and alleviate stress, enabling you to feel completely relaxed and rested. A facial treatment following the massage allows you to indulge yourself. 30 minute “kese” exfoliation, 50 minute massage, 30 minute facial treatment.

50 minutes / 1 hour 20 minutes

Refinery Facial For Gentlemen

An instant boost for tired and stressed complexions, this facial is specifically formulated for the male complexion and all skin types. This skin-nourishing, tension-dissolving treatment uses natural plant extracts and flower essences to help purify and revitalize the skin.

Holistic Skin Care

50 minutes / 1 hour 20 minutes


Beginning with a facial assessment to determine your skin type, our therapist will select products from our Aromatherapy Associates facial range to create a facial experience tailormade to your skin’s needs. This facial treatment is also suitable during pregnancy.

Body Treatments

1 hour 30 minutes

Slimming Algea Anti- Cellulite Treatment

This treatment features an energizing massage that creates a drainage effect on concentrated cellulites, followed by a wrap. Its thermal effect releases marine active ingredients that remineralize and purify the body and fill you with a wonderful sense of wellbeing and comfort.

Essence Of Istanbul

2 hours

Pearl Of Bosphorus

Combining centuries-old cultural spa rituals for a truly memorable experience

This experience treats guests to some of the world's most proven wellbeing experiences. Combining distinctive cultural practices and techniques, the Pearl of Bosphorus includes Oriental Traditional Hammam, a full body acupressure massage concentrating on the neck and shoulders, and concludes with a foot massage. After the treatments finish the experience with a refreshing glass of herbal tea and a taste of our traditional Turkish delight.

Sultan Suite Experience

20 minutes / 40 minutes

Gharieni Mlx Dome – Face

MLX i³Dome provides skin rejuvenating benefits, especially through cellular regeneration by improving blood circulation. Meanwhile, light therapy reduces the appearance of wrinkles, promotes skin health, and increases vitality and suppleness. In addition to providing deep relaxation, the therapy also stimulates the release of endorphins in the body.

3 hours

Sultan Suite Experience

Everything is better when shared with your loved one.

This 3 hour couples’ treatment is designed for you to spend precious time with each other. The treatment includes Ting Quan therapy, aromatic Jacuzzi, Aromatherapy massage and bespoke facial treatment. Finish the experience with a refreshing glass of herbal tea and a fresh fruit plater.

Traveller’s Essentials

50 minutes

Oriental Foot Therapy

Relax with this traditional treatment which begins with a fragrant foot bath followed by a skilful exfoliation and massage to smooth the feet and lower legs. Finally a relaxing massage along the energy points of the feet and ankles helps to raise natural energy encouraging the release of tension.

Turkish Hamam Experiences

45 minutes

Oriental Hamam

Oriental Traditional Hammam begins with a bubble massage that focuses on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue, releasing knots and reducing body tension. The treatment ends with a traditional and invigorating full-body scrub.

1 hour

Sultan Hamam

A restorative full-body treatment combining a traditional Hammam experience with a deeply soothing massage. The one-hour Sultan Hammam starts with a bubble massage, continues with a moisturising full-body mask to restore the skin and ends with a head and foot massage that focuses on the East Meridien Meridian point of the body balancing your mind, body and soul.

30 minutes

Traditional Hamam

A complete cleansing experience with a traditional full-body scrub while you relax on the hot stone. Traditional Hammam takes guests on a healing journey with steam and water. This option can be combined with a massage or skin care treatment.