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Exclusive Spa Benefits

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Fans of M.O. members can choose a complimentary treatment enhancement every time they visit our spas such as:

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Treatment Enhancements may include


Digital Fingers

With mouse clicking, typing, text messaging and writing; our hands are often over-used daily. This massage is designed to release tension that accumulates in the hands and wrists. Your therapist will also share some simple hand exercises for you to do at home.

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Eye Spa

Enjoy this effective eye treatment followed by a pressure point massage and simple eye-opening exercise for you to use during those times in the afternoon when you feel a little sleepy.

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We will teach you some effective body and mind relaxation techniques which will assist you to guide you into complete relaxation. Which can be used on a daily basis prior to sleep.

Oriental Scalp Massage

A calming yet energizing scalp massage focusing on vital pressure points around the scalp and neck using our signature Quintessence oil.

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Fans of M.O.

From dining benefits and members' experiences, to exclusive privileges when you stay, and partner offers in between, we offer something for everyone.

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From wellness retreats to mindful meetings, digital detoxes and fitness opportunities, please visit our global wellness page.