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Our Company

Our Vision, Mission & Guiding Principles

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Our Mission

A World of Fans


Our Mission

Our mission is to delight and inspire our fans at every opportunity.

Underpinning everything we do on a daily basis

Our Guiding Principles

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Delighting our customers

We are committed to exceeding customers’ expectations by surprising them with our ability to anticipate and fulfil their wishes.

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Delighting our colleagues

We provide a caring, motivating and rewarding environment for all. We value diversity and bring out the best in our people by investing in their personal development, enabling a fulfilling career with the Group and beyond.

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Becoming the best

We are committed to continual improvement and to making a difference every day. We strive to be an innovative leader in our industry.

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Working together

We believe in teamwork and we treat each other with mutual trust and respect. By working together cooperatively and inclusively, we all contribute, and are part of, the Group’s success.

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Acting with responsibility

We maintain integrity, fairness and honesty in all our relationships and in everything that we do. We support initiatives that sustain and improve the environment and are responsible members of our communities.