BeijingWangfujing Fitness & Wellness

Wangfujing Fitness & Wellness

Spa, swimming pool and fitness centre offer a five-star exercise environment

The Spa offers an unrivalled package of pampering and relaxation options designed to enhance overall wellness, while the fitness centre and swimming pool allow guests and members to complete their workout regimens in a five-star luxury environment. The pool is one of the hotel highlights: a superb 25-metre lap pool that is bathed in natural light streaming through the glass ceiling. Ceramic, gently-warmed ergonomic chairs allow swimmers to wind down comfortably, and slowly, after their exertions.

The fitness centre’s flagship piece of gym equipment is the SKILLRUN, an advanced treadmill that offers full-body resistance, allowing participants to maximise their work-outs. Other state-of-the-art equipment is geared towards specific workout regimens, allowing guests to continue their everyday fitness routines while away from home.